Pro Mortar 
Pro mortar is developed to launch fireworks. The mortar is water proof, and after loading, the mortar can be placed on the launching area in rain. Pro Mortar is equipped with circuit control , and control light for wiring. All bombs are connected to earth until the fire switch is placed in fire pos. The mortar is designed to handle a “ mortar explosion” without damaging the other mortars in the area.  All parts in the mortar are manufactured in stainless steel and aircraft aluminium.
Wind machine

We manufacture this boat based on the ” Jerry” hull. The boat can be bought with stern drive  ( Water jet ) or outboard engine. Equipped with options as customer order. This boat is equipped with Honda 10hk. four stroke ( electric start ), fixed gas tank in stainless steel with fuel level instrument. Speed instrument, drain pump, voltmeter, lights, textile top, control lamp for low oil pressure and overheat.

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Cabin window polisher
This machine is developed together with Global Aero Services Inc. in US, the cabin window repair machine remove crazing from aircraft cabin windows by repairing the window in place, the need to take out the window is eliminated.
This wind machine is developed for film making effects etc. The machine is equipped with an 3 meters propeller. It is powered with a 260hp. V8 engine. Everything is mounted on a trailer for full mobility. For other special effects machines see.
Remote-200 (
Remote-200 is a cordless remote control for cars with automatic gearbox, developed for the Swedish stunt group AB. It is used for movies where it not possible to be inside the car due to extreme stunts etc. The controller of the system, can monitor the drive over a cordless video system.
Nordic De- / Anti-Icing
The Nordic De-/ Anti-Icing is a unique system for mainly anti-icing service. But the equipment can also be supplied as a combination system with de-icing capacity.
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Nordic Graffiti Remover
Nordic Graffiti Remover 25 is designed to offer the public transport sector graffiti removal in a very cost-effective and environmentally friendly way.
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Mirage-2500 är en självgående tvätt robot för tåg och bussar. Roboten är utrustad med recycling anläggning och återanvänder utsprutat vatten och tvättmedel. Med denna robot går det bra att tvätta varsomhelst där tågen står uppställda, istället för att köra tågen till en tvättplats. Maskinen har en tvätt kapacitet på 50 m2 / minut, vilket gör ca. 1 vagn i minuten.

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